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seek_knowledge's Journal

Trying to keep the synapses firing
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This is a place for friends to gather and exchange knowledge. As we get older, learning becomes more of a challenge. Learning new thing and hanging on to knowledge requires effort.

Our society pushes us to become become specialized with our knowledge. This is a place for you to post about things that you know, and think others might be interested in, or to ask questions of members.


How electricity works
The difference in different types of computer languages
How X movie changed how movies were made
The history of cheese
Important civil rights trail in Turkey
What are the different types of spotlights

Try to stay away from opinions like "the best movie ever", or overtly political pieces. Be respectful of others. No spelling or grammar nazi's, but please use spell check. Prejudice will not be tolerated. No flame wars. If you disagree, say it, but say it nicely. Use pictures, graphs, and articles, but give sources and use an lj cut!

I'm looking forward to learning from you!